Recently, Mr Vincent Lim helped our family sell a unit in Dandenong. We are incredibly pleased with his professionalism and the result achieved was far beyond our expectations. He is a very kind, patient and responsible agent, who provided individually tailored advice and addressed all of our concerns throughout the entire process. His honesty and accommodating nature is hard to find in the real estate world. We highly recommend him to anyone who is even remotely thinking about selling. Once you get him, don't let him go! Good luck Vincent for all of your future endeavors!
by B. Zhang
Marketing Manager, Envato
Thanks to Vincent Lim at and his team at United Real Estate Agency. We were really happy with the whole process, which has been handled very professionally from the beginning to the end. Vincent is a great communicator and honest person who delivers what he promises and we don't hesitate to recommend Vincent Lim to anyone who willing to sell their property in Narre Warren South area. We are 100% sure that Vincent Lim and his team will reach the target and even go beyond your expectations!!!!
by P. Lei
Realtor, Envato
Vincent is the best agent I dealt with having engaged him for 5 of my property transactions. Knowledgeable and able to negotiate well to achieve best results. Will highly recommend. Great agency, Vincent is knowledgeable and a good negotiator. Very happy with results achieved having done all my property transactions thru him. Highly recommend.
by SS Marimuthu
Sales Manager, Envato
My husband and I met Vincent three years ago and that the first impression he gave us was of a down to earth, courteous, knowledgeable and humble person. Our first property was sold by him in a mere two weeks! We were very pleased with his professionalism and after sales service as he never failed to look after the interest of his clients. We have since then engaged Vincent exclusively for the sale of our other properties. Once again Vincent, greatly appreciate your ever ready eagerness to assist and your professional advices in the property market. I will most definitely introduce Vincent to anyone who wish to buy or sell in the property market.
by Felicia
Marketing Manager, Envato
Vincent is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and hard working agent. We were very pleased with the excellent service he offered along with great communication, always keeping us up to date with the interest he had in our property. Vincent's objective was always to get the best price for our property, and that was achieved. Vincent wasn’t an Agent looking for a quick sale by reducing our price after a couple of weeks. Vincent knew exactly what price our property could achieve. I would highly recommend Vincent to anyone selling their property.
by Dean B.
We have nothing but appreciation for Vincent and his approach and work ethic to the sale of our house. In a short time on the market, he generated enormous interest, and on auction day, the sale exceeded our expectations beyond belief. We are so grateful for the time and effort it took to get there. He spent Sundays, evenings, days off, and general time away from his very new family to smash the sales records on our street. He did not adopt a ‘it will sell’ attitude and was driven by pride and this was clear after speaking with other agents keen to sell our home. He went above and beyond to ensure we had the best result. Being in the industry of selling homes ourselves, we saw that Vincent was ‘hands-on’ at every stage. He was methodical and thorough dealing with all aspects, such as photography, liaising with potential buyers and keeping us up to date with the process and feedback and also giving us insightful suggestions which we took on board. Driven by instinct, and excellent service, Vincent is a great agent who will no doubt be recommended. Thank you Vincent Lim.
by Mark M. and Tanya M.
A message of appreciation and thank for agent Vincent Lim for his effort and hardworking attitude in selling our house in just 2 weeks and most of all was sold above our desire price . He has a positive attitude , questions were always answered and always returned call almost immediately that always keep us updated with the status of the inspection and feedback. Thanks again.
by Ryan C. & Felicia
Thanks very much for your efforts in selling our house. Your dedication, professionalism and knowledge of the market and buyers all contributed to a very good outcome for us. We appreciate the hard work you put in, and that you looked after us throughout the whole process. Best wishes for a successful and happy future.
by Caroline D. & Richard D.
Hard working to achieve maximum results It has been a pleasure to have Vincent selling our property. Not only he is hard working but he also has a wealth of experience in the local area. Preparation and presentation are important prior to selling the property and we are glad with Vincent's suggestion and recommendation during this process. Although the preparation took slightly longer, but we are glad to spend that extra time which resulted not only in a superfast selling time but also achieving a great sales result too. Well Done Vincent! We will happily recommend your expertise and experience to our family and friends.
by Edward H. & Rika R.
A Very Helpful Agent Who Delivers Excellent Results Vincent was recommended by a good friend to help us sell our house in Berwick. We are extremely satisfied with his service and deeply appreciate his help. We were very impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge about the local house market and most importantly, he helped us sell the house in just over two weeks with the price we wanted to achieve. Throughout the selling process, Vincent kept us updated constantly. He is very attentive and hardworking, and it is our pleasure to recommend Vincent to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.
by Jian D. & Grace S.