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  Real Estate Agency

Agent Profile

Vincent Lim has affected the lives of many clients through the results of connecting the vendors and the purchasers. He also speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, which is an important ability to communicate with many potential buyers before even the negotiation started.

Instead of the title real estate agent, he is just another human being who is a father and a husband. Act in the best interest of his client, is his priority, unfortunately over the years, he notices many sales agent putting their own interest first and not looking after their clients enough. Hence this is the gap Vincent Lim would like to make a difference in the industry.

Constant training and strive for excellence. Vincent made his first property investment in 2006, and all this years he has been learning from the industry experts including the courses of property investing, development, positive cash flow property, US property and the sales mastery. There’s always a conversation should we invest on capital growth or rental yield, and the controversy about negative gearing. Warren Buffett said "diversification is protection against ignorance” Vincent would says “Long term holding is protection against ignorance”

He graduated in RMIT University as a Bachelor of Applied Science, major in Information Technology and Advanced Diploma in Business, Information Management. Certificate IV in Building and Construction, and also the Property Services which allows him to obtain the license as an estate agent.

He has stood firmly by his values of humility, transparency and integrity. Testimonials provided.

Contact Vincent Lim today for your real estate needs.