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  Real Estate Agency

Agent Profile

Managing Director

Bach. in Applied Science - IT

Adv Dip in Business - IM

Cert. IV in Building and Construction

Cert. IV in Property Services – 

License estate agent

Real estate is an important asset for anyone’s life, and it can be emotional for some. Many are dealing with only a few real estate transactions in their whole life. Hence it must be treated seriously, but not simply just another transaction. So Vincent’s purpose as an agent is to look after those who need assistance in real estate, especially in selling, buying and leasing.

Born in Malaysia, spend over 20 years in Melbourne now, one of his great strengths is the ability to speak and negotiate in different languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Malay other than English. Being multilingual offers him insigh​ts into the myriad of other cultural norms when transacting in property and is hugely valuable in the diverse city of Melbourne.

His intellect, negotiation skill and strategic minds combined with the ability to see the potential of each deal, ensure his clients are always been well looked after and leads to great outcomes. Successfully negotiate for best outcomes and care for his clients, are what he values most.

Constant training and strive for excellence. Vincent made his first property investment in 2006, and all this years he has been learning from the industry experts including the courses of property investing, development, positive cash flow property, US property and the sales mastery. Also invited to join some private facebook mastermind groups for knowledge sharing.

 Contact Vincent Lim today for your real estate needs. Testimonials provided.